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Pedigree chart for members of the Burton family, from the most recent member Paige Burton, born 2016, to Nicholas Workman, born before 1520 in England.

16 Generation Charts

Direct line

• Same chart as above with the addition of all descendants of William & Gladys Burton and Charles & Mary Wonn (my grandparents) •

• Same as the first one, this chart with photos for the most recent 7 generations. •

In addition to the charts, you can also visit the database that I have set up online at TribalPages, where you can get a little more information about many of these people, and view the data on 100,000+ of our other relatives.

Last database update: 17 August 2020
Number of relatives is now 106,714

Photos of relatives born before 1900 can be seen here
Photos of relatives and extended family born after 1900 can be seen here.

Having trouble understanding who a "1st cousin, 3 times removed" or a "2nd cousin, 5 times removed" is? Check this explanation at Wikipedia.

This site is dedicated to the memory of my parents
Bill Burton (1928-1996)
Barbara Ann Wonn Burton (1930-2009)